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When families can no longer care for their elderly parent or relative, they must make the difficult decision to place their loved one in a nursing home. A nursing home is designed to provide a higher level of care than most families can provide. And when a nursing home accepts a vulnerable adult as a resident, it makes a promise—to that resident, to their family, and to society—to keep them safe, and to provide the care and treatment necessary to enable them to attain or maintain their highest level of function for as long as they reside there.

But far too often, nursing home residents do not receive the safe care that is legally required and paid for. Whether through neglect, or active mistreatment, too many vulnerable adults suffer injuries, or death, in nursing homes. Why? Too often facilities are understaffed, their employees are undertrained or negligently hired, and/or the corporation values higher profits over resident safety. As a result, some facilities fall far short of providing the required care their residents deserve.

Assisted living facilities, designed for elders with fewer medical needs, must still meet very high standards of care, must keep residents safe, and must transfer or discharge residents once they determine that they can no longer keep them safe.

When facilities fail to meet these standards, we can help. For decades, our nursing home legal team has represented Vermont’s elders, and their families, for harms experienced in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. We bring our knowledge of and experience with the detailed federal and state laws governing such facilities and the very high legal standards such facilities must meet. If, as a result of nursing home neglect or malpractice, vulnerable residents are given the wrong medications, are allowed to fall and suffer injury, develop bedsores from poor care, or in confusion wander outside and are hurt, or are otherwise abused by staff or other residents, we can help.

To learn more about this institutional crisis, consider watching this thorough expose from Vice News, How Nursing Homes Hide Profits While Residents Suffer

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