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Semi-trucks and tractor trailers are bigger and far heavier than anything else on the road today. When truck accidents happen, they do serious damage to whatever, and whoever, they hit. As a result, truck accidents are more serious, and often result in more severe injuries, than car-on-car accidents.

As a result, there are important laws and regulations governing trucking companies, to ensure that their drivers, and their vehicles, operate as safely as possible. These laws require background checks of newly hired drivers, comprehensive safety training, careful and comprehensive equipment inspections, detailed policies and regulations designed to increase safety and reduce the risk of collisions, rules limiting time on the road and distracted driving, and documentation of a company’s compliance with all these laws.

If you or a loved one is injured in a truck accident, our personal injury team can help. We have the experience to thoroughly investigate truck accidents, to obtain all necessary documentation from the company and the driver, to employ qualified experts to recreate the collision and analyze the root causes, and to hold negligent companies accountable. Working with medical professionals we can help prove the extent of your injuries, and the medical services you will need in the future. All this helps us help you achieve a fair resolution of your claim.

Our personal injury services include: