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Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ Compensation

When people are injured on the job, whether on a farm, in a factory or office, or on the road driving for work, they are entitled to receive worker’s compensation. We help clients understand their rights under workers’ compensation laws and navigate the Department of Labor process. Our team also represents clients in trials or appeals to the Vermont Supreme Court.

Our workers’ compensation services include:

Full Benefits

We are committed to working with employees to ensure that they obtain the benefits to which they are entitled by law, including: temporary total or temporary partial disability payments, known as “TTD” or “TPD,” which replace lost wages when you either cannot work at all or can only work part-time due to your work injury; medical benefits, which directly pay medical bills for needed medical appointments, hospitalizations, surgeries, therapies, medical devices, and medications related to the work injury, without any co-pays or deductibles; mileage reimbursement, which helps cover the costs for traveling to medical appointments for your work injuries; permanent total or partial disability payments, which compensate you based on the extent of any permanent limitations resulting from your work injuries; vocational rehabilitation benefits, when your injuries prevent you from returning to your former job, and need education or retraining to become gainfully employed; and death benefits for the families of employees who have died in workplace accidents.

Retaliation Claims

If you have been retaliated or discriminated against by your employer because you filed a workers’ compensation claim, we can help you get the compensation you deserve.

Third Party Civil Claims

In addition to worker’s compensation, some workplace injuries involve the negligence or fault of third parties, whether another driver, the manufacturer of a piece of equipment, or a contractor also working on the job. When a workplace injury results from the fault of a third party, the injured employee may be entitled to sue that third party for their harms and losses not provided through worker’s compensation.

Working with worker’s compensation insurance companies, and third-party liability insurance companies, our team can help you achieve a fair settlement, and when a fair settlement is not possible, we can file a lawsuit to help you receive what you deserve.