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Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense

We have successfully represented hundreds of clients in criminal proceedings. Our experienced criminal defense attorneys offer creative, client-centered representation in every variety of criminal case. We are committed to thoroughly investigating the law and facts in each case and developing the best strategy to protect and defend our client.

Our criminal defense services include:

State & Federal Court

We represent people accused of crimes in both state and federal court, and we are familiar with the procedures and personnel in both courts.

Misdemeanor & Felony

We represent clients charged with both misdemeanors and felonies, and have experience with a range of cases, from minor infractions to homicide. Our work covers DUI and other traffic-related charges, drug crimes, fraud and embezzlement, property crimes such as burglary and robbery, and violent crimes including assault, sexual assault, and homicide.

White Collar Crimes

Criminal charges in the business setting require special consideration and planning. We have the experience and the resources to evaluate a case and tailor a strategy designed to meet our client’s specific concerns.

Investigation & Pre-Arrest

We represent clients in grand jury hearings or other investigations, whether as a witness or a target of the proceedings. We also represent clients in negotiations with prosecutors and law enforcement before charges have been filed.

Hearings & Trial

If pursuing a case to trial is the best course of action, we work with our client to prepare a comprehensive, dynamic, and persuasive courtroom defense.


We have handled hundreds of appeals before the Vermont Supreme Court and the federal appellate courts.