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Miller and Joselson Achieve Personal Injury Settlement in Propane-Related Wrongful Death Case

Langrock attorneys Bill Miller and Emily Joselson settled a wrongful death case just before a trial date was to be set later this fall. The case involved carbon monoxide poisoning, as a result of a faulty propane furnace installation. Joselson and Miller have litigated a series of propane-related wrongful death cases over the years.

In the early morning hours of New Year’s Eve, 2010, the family awoke to discover that their vacation home was filled with the deadly gas. Although the children and their guests were able to carry their unconscious parents outside, where they awaited the arrival of rescue personnel, their father later died, and their mother had to be airlifted to a Boston hospital for treatment.

Joselson and Miller were prepared with expert witnesses to prove that the propane company responsible for servicing the furnace negligently failed to discover that its venting system violated applicable propane safety codes.

With a portion of the proceeds of the monetary settlement, the family is hoping to create a foundation to publicize the importance of carbon monoxide detectors, and to make them available to members of the public.

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