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Join Langrock Sperry & Wool in Opposing Forced Arbitration in Nursing Home Cases

Our nursing home litigation group protects seniors injured in nursing homes.

Most often these injuries occur due to nursing home negligence, as the result of the home’s failure to invest in adequate staffing and adequate staff training. As a consequence of the choice to invest insufficiently in proper staffing and training, and investing adequately in appropriate safety measures, people get hurt, and often die. The cases we bring highlight these unsafe choices by nursing home owners.

But increasingly, nursing homes protect themselves against such legitimate claims by inserting “mandatory arbitration agreements” in their admission documents (along with a pile of many other authorizations and releases, which form part of the overwhelming admissions process). In this way, families are most often totally unaware that, by signing these agreements, when they are already under such stress at having to admit their loved one to a nursing home, they are literally signing away their right to hold the nursing home accountable in court, should the nursing home injure their loved one through its own negligence.

Therefore, we are encouraging everyone to sign the following petition, accessible at https://www.change.org/p/tell-nursing-homes-to-stop-stealing-seniors-rights. This petition asks the federal government, as it reviews and revises the legal obligations and responsibilities of nursing homes across the country, to prohibit mandatory arbitration agreements in nursing home admission documents. Those who sign the petition are urging the government (which, through Medicare and Medicaid, pays nursing homes millions of dollars of taxpayer money every year) to pay special attention to these arbitration agreements, to which vulnerable seniors and their families are subjected at such a difficult time.

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