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At their Midyear Meeting in Louisville, Kentucky, the American Bar Association (ABA) overwhelmingly approved a new structure for members’ dues. It is the first approved dues increase in a decade and the increase stands to bring in about $3 million for the ABA. Those funds go towards improving the member experience and aiding the association in meeting its fiscal responsibilities.

Langrock Sperry & Wool attorney and ABA Treasurer, Fritz Langrock introduced the new dues structure to the ABA House of Delegates and expounded, “We face challenges. We also have opportunities for the ABA to advance our goals and be a better advocate for the profession. This dues increase will allow the ABA to continue to focus on advancing the member experience for current and future members.”

Langrock addressed the ABA’s declining revenue over the past decade and pointed out that funds are needed now to improve member experiences and retention. According to Langrock, while the association adds more than 25,000 new members annually, they retain only about 53%. Former ABA President Bob Carlson furthered that message by reminding members of the House it is their duty to continue improving the ABA, recruiting new members, and offering support to all its members.

Resolution 177C was approved by the ABA House of Delegates on Monday, February 5th and will go into effect September 1, 2024.

ABA Treasurer Frank “Fritz” Langrock introduced the new dues structure to the House of Delegates. (Photo by Mitch Higgins/ABA Media Relations)

To read more about the dues increase and the ABA’s Midyear Meeting: https://www.abajournal.com/web/article/2024-midyear-resolution-177c-new-dues#:~:text=%24495%3A%20For%20members%20practicing%2020,Paralegals%20will%20pay%20%24120